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Senior Class


We are thrilled to be with your chapter again! Below you will find some information on your upcoming session and the NCL requirements.

Your chapter requires us to submit two images: an individual portrait of the senior and a mother/daughter portrait. We have two sessions available: a quick 20-minute session that fulfills your NCL requirements and a longer 60-minute session that includes the opportunity to capture your senior portraits, as well.

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60-minute session at our Encinitas studio

two outfit changes for your senior portraits

two high-resolution, retouched digital images for NCL

view your images online

single shot


20-minute session at our Encinitas studio

NCL outfits only

two high-resolution, retouched digital images for NCL

view your images online

*$220 of your session fee is covered by NCL and is reflected in the prices above

Booking a hair and makeup appointment: You have the option to add a hair and makeup appointment to either session for $195. Our stylist will stay for the duration of the shoot and can adjust your hair and makeup to fit your outfit(s). If you book hair and makeup for both mother and daughter, the cost is only $350. You will need to arrive at our studio one hour before the start of your session.

How to prepare: Please make sure your outfit fits nicely. If you are taking advantage of the Montage session, you may bring more than two additional outfits - our photographer can then help you choose which two outfits you should wear for your senior portraits.

What to wear for your mother/daughter portrait: Both mother and daughter should wear solid black tops.

Included in your session fee: In the Montage session, two digitally-retouched images are included (the individual & mother/daughter image). In the Single Shot session, two digitally-retouched NCL images are included. We will process payment at the time of booking.

Viewing your images: For those who are taking advantage of the Montage session, you will view your images during an in-person appointment at our studio. We will lend you our eye and our organizing software to help you select and customize your order. Those who opt for the Single Shot session will view and select their NCL images online.

Deadlines: Please book and have your session prior to December 31, 2023.

session Prep


  • Hair should be neat, clean and dry upon arrival.
  • If you are going to get a haircut, make sure it's at least five days before your shoot.
  • We recommend that you wash your hair the night before your appointment.
  • Hair and makeup by a professional is always a good idea and can be scheduled through the studio - contact us for details.


  • Clean, moisturized skin.
  • After-lunch shoot? Might want to bring a toothbrush!
  • Makeup and hair by a professional is always a good idea and can be scheduled through the studio - contact us for details.
  • Simple blemishes will be removed once you choose your images for retouching.
  • Braces can be digitally removed for an additional charge.


  • Your fingernails should be clean and groomed.
  • No chipped nail polish.
  • Don't forget your toe nails, as we often times will make you go bare-foot!
  • We recommend that your choice of nail polish color will work with all of your outfits.


  • Clothes should be clean and free of wrinkles and stains.
  • Try on clothes beforehand to make sure nothing is too loose, too tight or too revealing/see-through.
  • If you are bringing formal attire, we recommend bringing shoes to match.
  • Glare on eye glasses can be digitally removed for an additional charge, but tinted lenses cannot be lightened.

When you book our Montage session, YOU can use two of your outfits for your SENIOR PORTRAITs AT THE SAME TIME AS YOUR NCL SESSION. CLICK ON THE grad SESSIONs LINK BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATIOn.

FAQ for NCL Sessions

"Do you have hair and makeup available for my session?"

Absolutely! It is $165 for the first appointment, and only $275 if mother and daughter are both doing hair and makeup. This appointment will be at our studio, and takes about an hour for each person to be styled. Having professional hair and makeup done for your session is a fun experience and your images will look great, too!

"What does the hair and makeup look like?"

The makeup and hair is to your liking. Your hair and makeup artist will work with you to choose multiple makeup looks and hairstyles that coordinate with your outfits and personality. They will stay with you throughout the shoot to help with any changes or fixes.


We want you to look your best. Makeup can simply smooth out any blemishes or uneven skin tones and help make your best features stand out. However, we still want you to look like you! Our makeup artists are skilled in finding what look will be best for you, whether that’s an all-natural look or full glam.

"What should we wear for our mother/daughter portrait?"

This is determined by your chapter. Please check back here to see what the requirements are after your chapter has decided on the look they want.

"How many outfits do I bring?"

If you are doing the Montage session, you will bring your individual and mother/daughter outfits, and you can also have up to two additional outfit changes. If you are doing the Single Shot session, you will only be wearing the individual portrait outfit for your NCL photos.


It is always a good idea to bring a variety of options. Clothing that looks too similar in style or color will lack variety in your final gallery. We HIGHLY suggest bringing a casual everyday look, a nicer casual look and a more formal look. We advise against anything that is too loose, too tight or too revealing. Also, we suggest that you don't bring anything with distracting logos or patterns. If you are not sure, just bring it and we can discuss your options.


We watch the forecast and will get in touch with you to make a plan or recommendation if we are concerned about the weather and lighting. If you have concerns and have not heard from us, always feel free to get in touch. We want your shoot to be amazing and will gladly reschedule your session if the weather is bad.


If you need to reschedule your session, please let us know as soon as possible. There may be a $75 charge for rescheduling within 24 hours of your session.

"Are any digital images or prints included with my session fee?"

Included in your NCL session, you will receive two digitally-retouched images - your individual and mother/daughter choices. For info on our pricing for your personal order, please click the grad sessions button above.

"When will I receive my order?"

Your two digitally-retouched NCL images will be ready two to four weeks after you choose your images.

As far as your senior portraits order, if you purchase the digital images, you will typically receive all of your un-retouched digitals the same day of your viewing and ordering appointment, and any retouched images you selected will be ready two to four weeks after you order. Prints will be ready for pickup or delivery one to two weeks after you received your retouched images.