About Us

You will make many memories this year, and we are so excited that you are considering studio m to help you make some of them last a lifetime!

Senior portraits are a HUGE part of your senior year and we want to make this experience amazing! We pride ourselves on being unlike any other senior photographer because we specialize in senior portraits. This means that we don’t photograph anything other than high school students. Our one focus is YOU! By specializing, that means that we can pour our hearts into your experience and make sure that it’s the best, giving you an experience that other photographers can’t. studio m is famous for attention to detail and providing seniors with more than just some senior pictures…but an experience that will last a lifetime!

This is YOUR time to celebrate your youth, your free spirit and your love for life.

We cannot wait to photograph it for you!

Please contact us at info@studiomsandiego.com, if you have any questions or are ready to book!


By reaching out for a grad session, you are taking one of the many steps in marking your senior year and moving on to bigger and better things! Not only will your grandparents thank you, but so will your social profiles, job and college applications. Your image will be getting a boost needed for all those new and exciting opportunities that are coming your way! Email us directly at info@studiomsandiego.com or use the form below to get in touch with us.

Liberty Station Studio

2690 Historic Decatur Road #208 San Diego, CA 92106

Encinitas Studio

2210 Encinitas Blvd, Suite P, Encinitas, CA 92024