Things to know

[When Booking]

Things to know

[When Booking]


"Do you serve the LGBTQIA+ community?"

Yes, of course! We are dedicated to capturing the true essence of what makes you - you, no matter how you choose to identify, dress, style your hair, or show off your style and personality.

"How many outfits do i bring?"

Depending on your session, you will be able to bring anywhere from three to six outfits. Make sure to check what is included with your session. We always suggest bringing more, rather than less. Our photographers are happy to help with any outfit decisions you are struggling to make.

"What type of outfits should I wear?"

It is always a good idea to bring a variety of options. Clothing that looks too similar in style or color will lack variety in your final gallery. We HIGHLY suggest bringing a casual everyday look, a nicer casual look and a more formal look. We advise against anything that is too loose, too tight or too revealing. Also, we suggest that you don't bring anything with distracting logos or patterns. If you are not sure, just bring it and we can discuss.

"What if I play a sport?"

We would love for you to bring in your sportswear and sports equipment! Whatever your game, we will help make you look your best for the team. Sports photos often look best at full-length, so please bring your ENTIRE ensemble, shoes included. Try to make sure to give us a heads-up on what sport you would like us to shoot, so we can properly prepare your location before your arrival.

"Should I bring props?"

We love it when seniors bring props to their shoots! Whether it be sports equipment, a musical instrument, books, paintbrushes, pets, your favorite hat, or whatever, we love to get creative with items that are meaningful to you.

"What if I want my hair and makeup done?"

Professional hair and makeup can be added to any session for just $165. Once you have booked an appointment that is confirmed with both your photographer and our makeup artists, you will be required to show up at least an hour before your shoot time, as that is the time it will take for both hair and makeup.

"What does the hair and makeup look like?"

The makeup and hair is to your liking. Your hair and makeup artist will work with you to choose multiple makeup looks and hairstyles that coordinate with your outfits and personality. For any studio sessions, they will stay with you throughout the shoot to help with any changes or fixes.

"I don't usually wear makeup, should I get it done?"

We want you to look your best! Makeup can simply smooth out any blemishes or uneven skin tones and help make your best features stand out. However, we still want you to look like you. Our makeup artists are skilled in finding what look will be best for you, whether that’s an all-natural look or full glam!

"Who will my photographer be?"

If you have a preference of photographer, please let us know. If not, we will connect you with who we think will be most fitting for your shoot.

"What if we have bad weather on the day of my session?"

We watch the forecast and will get in touch with you to make a plan or recommendation if we are concerned about the weather and lighting. If you have concerns and have not heard from us, always feel free to get in touch. We want your shoot to be amazing and will gladly reschedule your session if the weather is bad.

"What if I need to reschedule?"

If you need to reschedule your session, please let us know as soon as possible. There may be a $75 charge for rescheduling within 24 hours of your session.

Can I add my family or siblings?

Absolutely - you can add family or siblings for any grad session type! Just select the appropriate option when you sign up for your grad session.
Please note: If you are adding the whole family, then the family add-on option will also include any siblings photos.

THings to know

[While shooting]

THings to know

[While shooting]


"What do I do with my hands!"

Your photographer will pose you throughout your entire shoot, as well as direct you through different movements for more lifestyle and candid shots. Typically, we will do a mix of smiling and not-smiling photographs, so we get a full range of emotions and moods. Remember we are aiming to make multiple people happy with your photos: you, parents, grandparents and even future employers!

"Who will be at my session?"

Depending on the location, your photographer may bring an assistant. Friends and family are welcomed to attend your session if you’d like, however it is most common for students to bring a parent or just come alone. Remember, we want you to be your most comfortable and confident during your session, so come with whoever will make you feel comfortable.

"How do we meet at a location?"

Oftentimes, you may leave from our studio location and follow the photographer to the location. Otherwise, you will be given the address and directions of where to meet/park along with your photographer's phone number. Your photographer will also be given your number in order to communicate arrival and meet up.

"Do I tip my photographer and makeup artists?"

No, you do not need to tip your photographer. However, you may tip your makeup artist if you wish.

"How Should I prep for my shoot?"

If you are getting a haircut, we recommend getting one at least five days BEFORE your session, so your hair has time to even out and look more natural. Also, if you booked hair and make up, please do not wash your hair on the day of your session, try to do it the night before. Please make sure you have tried on all of your clothes that you would like to bring beforehand. It is very important that they fit and that you are happy with them.

"What if I forgot something!?"

It is extremely important that you pre-plan days ahead for your shoot by laying out all the things you might need, including back ups of everything. But in an emergency, we try to provide you with an "emergency kit" of items at our studio. Our emergency kit includes things like bobby pins, q-tips, nail polish remover, hair spray, safety pins, steamer, ironing board, etc. Please DO NOT rely on us to have all of these items as we could run out, they could break, and it can waste precious shooting time using them.

Things to know

[at viewing & ordering appointment]

Things to know

[at viewing & ordering appointment]


"What is a viewing and ordering appointment, and what will it be like?"

The viewing and ordering appointment is when you come to our studio to view all of the images from your session on a large screen and decide on your order. We will help you organize your images based on what you are looking for. We can also give you our opinion, if you wish. We will be able to answer any questions you may have about retouching and prints. This process usually takes about 45 minutes.

"Who should be there?"

Bring everyone who wants to view your photos and help with planning out your order! You can bring one parent, both parents, grandparents, your whole family. Anyone who wants a say in what you select. You will be finalizing your purchase during this appointment, so all decision-makers should be present.

"Can I just view my photos online?"

We HIGHLY recommend that you schedule a viewing and ordering appointment and come to our studio to view and make your order. We've been doing this a long time, and our experienced team is here to help! We have a system for helping to organize your photos, and you will be viewing them on a large screen that will be more effective for showing details that you may not catch on your computer or phone screen. The viewing and ordering appointment allows us to answer any questions you may have about retouching, and we can show you how any prints will look cropped, as well as answer any other questions you may have as we view your images together.

"Can I order the digital images?"

Absolutely! You are able to purchase the digital images as a collection - this typically includes 60-80 different images. We have a few options to choose from, depending on how many images you may want retouched. Please note that we do not sell individual digital images.

"What can I do with digital images?"

When it comes to digital images, the options are endless. With the purchase of a digital collection, you are buying the rights to these images, so you can print them and use them however you'd like. Most of our seniors use them for their senior page and graduation announcements. You can create a photo album, print them for gifts to grandparents or for your own home, and, of course, post them on social media!

"What do most clients order?"

Our digital collections are our most popular purchases. These will include all of your un-retouched digital images and a number of retouched images, depending on the collection you choose. With this purchase, you are receiving the rights to use and print your images as you'd like.

"How does retouching work?"

For any images that you choose to be retouched, we will do overall color correction editing as well as detailed retouching on the skin (acne, excess shine, tan lines, etc.) and editing of other items (flyaway hairs, clothing, jewelry, person in background, dirt on wall, etc.). You will be able to ask any questions and make any specific requests at your viewing and ordering appointment.

"Do I pay for my order at the viewing and ordering appointment?"

Yes; the viewing and ordering appointment is when you will decide on your order and finalize it. You can use a major credit card, Venmo, PayPal, cash or check. Once place your order, we will get started on it right away.

"How will I receive my order, and how long will it take?"

Digitals images: You will typically receive your un-retouched digital images the same day of your order, and your retouched images will be ready two to four weeks after you order. You will receive a link to your client gallery and download your images directly from there.
Prints: Any print orders typically take about four to six weeks to be ready. We have options for pickup or delivery to your home.

"Can I add to my order later?"

We do save your images on a backup drive for a while, and we are happy to add to your order in the future. If you are not sure if we still have your images, get in touch!