Model Call

With our all-inclusive session, the model call, you will be a model for the day. Once you arrive, you will be whisked away to get professional hair and makeup, then work with our stylist to coordinate your six outfits - our stylist will stay with you during the entire shoot and will adjust your look to your outfit. The session will last 90-minutes and we will be shooting indoors and outdoors.

You can have up to five outfits. We always recommend that you bring extras and we are happy to help you decide what will look best. Just make sure that you feel comfortable in your outfits and that they fit well. It is a good idea to bring a variety of options, such as casual, formal, and something in between.

You can book your model call session online, or you can get in touch with us to set it up for you. If you are booking online, keep in mind that your scheduled start time will be the start of your photo session. Once your session is scheduled, we will set up your hair and makeup appointment to begin one hour before your scheduled start time, and shoot you an email that we are all set.

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